IFXBG provides specialist financial services which are delivered by distinct businesses units, each with their areas of expertise in order to carry out these activities, the group has leveraged their proprietary opportunities and entered into agency agreements with prestigious banks, financial institutions and private investors.

Private Equity: IFXBG private equity business unit works with senior managers to implement strategic operating and financial metrics for tracking progress and identifiying problems early. Most importantly, we work side by side with the management teams to help identify and implement operational improvements. Typically, we address everything from pricing and go-to-market strategies, sales force management, growth strategies, cost reduction, sourcing and purchasing, to capital efficiency issues. In some cases, IFXBG executives serve as interim senior managers.

Asset Management: IFXBG alternative asset management business unit offers a broad range of investment products. This business unit is comprised of our marketable securities and alternative investments divisions. Our Asset Management investment professionals focused on global markets. Leveraging the experience and creativity of these resources, our team is able to offer tailored programs for institutional and high net worth investors in accordance with such investors’ investment criteria, targeted return and risk tolerance.

Capital Martkets: IFXBG capital markets business unit combines the assets listed by its listing partners with the capital markets unit of IFXBG. The capital markets business unit supports the firm, its portfolio companies and clients by providing tailored capital markets advice and developing and implementing both traditional and non-traditional capital solutions for investments and companies seeking financing. Its activities consist primarily of capital markets advisory services, arranging debt and equity financing for transactions, placing and underwriting securities offerings and structuring new investment products.